This Cat Eating a Birthday Cake Is Everything You Need in Life

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If there's at the very least one day a year that you can truly be yourself it should be on your birthday which is why everyone could learn a thing or two about this cat tucking in to its birthday cake. 

A true inspiration to all this kitty isn't afraid to get stuck into her cake to that point that she's wearing just as much as she's eaten, a situation all of us wouldn't mind finding ourselves in when it comes to eating cake.

Whilst it isn't clear what this cats cake is made from giving pets human foods such as chocolate can prove deadly for them, although were sure this kitty cake has been made with special pet friendly ingredients.

cat eating birthday cake 1.jpg
cat eating birthday cake 2.jpg
cat eating birthday cake 3.jpg
cat eating birthday cake 4.jpg

h/t Boredpanda