17 Photos You’ll Only Understand If You’re Rubbish at Being an Adult

When you’re younger you think you have problems, and when you get into your teens things couldn’t look any worse and yet somehow the moment you become an adult they do. The truth is that adulthood isn’t easy, but at least we can all laugh about how we fail to meet societies most basic standards collectively. Here are 17 photos that you’ll only understand if you’re rubbish at being an adult.

1. Trying to cook.

2. Still taking childhood activities serious during adulthood.

3. Romantic dinner for one.

4. Because there’s no one to tell you otherwise.

5. When people ask you if you have any plans for the future.

6. Taking responsibility for your own health.

7. It’s not an easy task.

8. Avoiding interaction with others.

9. Still getting yourself into situations like this.

10. “Do you have any plans to have kids?”

11. The look of despair.

12. Old habits die hard.

13. When it comes to sleep literally every minute counts. All 15 of them.

14. When it comes to going out, you’ve “got plans.”

15. You’re getting pretty good at all this legal stuff.

16. Keep telling yourself you’ve got it all figured out.

17. Adulthood goals.


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