18 Beautiful Buildings That Are Straight from a Fairytale

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Each of these beautiful Scandinavian and Nordic houses blend into their stunning surrounding thanks to the rustic natural materials they're made from and their picturesque yet functional choice of green roofs made from grass.

Not only do they look like houses and buildings taken straight from a fairytale book they're also incredible practical too, providing insulation during the winter and keeping the place cool during the summer heat.

1. Hofskirkja, Iceland

2. Vatnajökull Nationalpark, Iceland

3. Norway

4. Thjorsardalur, Iceland

5. Renndølsetra, Norway



6. Oppland, Norway

7. Skalholt, Iceland

8. House in Norway

9. Saksun Village, Streymoy, Faroe Islands

10. Torshavn, Faroe Islands

11. Funningur, Faroe Islands

12. Mikladalur, Faroe Islands

13. Kvednafossen, Norway

14. Undredal, Norway

Ester Ayerdi

Ester Ayerdi

15. Seter, Norway

16. Norway, Rogaland, Gullingen

17. Norwegian Cabin

18. Olden, Norway