Cat & Chipmunk Form Friendship So Close They Can’t Stop Hugging

What do so many pet owners love about their cats? the fluff of course! and this adorable little chipmunk appreciates it just as much, using his newly found feline best friend as one giant sun bed.

The best part? cats are known for being a little temperamental in their ways and yet the cat doesn’t even attempt to shake the tiny chipmunk off and instead they just choose to embrace.

According to _GoldGuy_, the Reddit user that shared the photos of his cat and the chipmunk sunbathing together, the chipmunk decided to slowly approach his cat who was basking in the sun. Cautious at first the chipmunk appeared pretty intimidated but once the cat decided to lay down he decided to get a little closer…

This tiny chipmunk spotted a cat bathing in the sun so decided to take a closer look

At first he was pretty intimidated, but once the cat laid down he realised the cat meant no harm

So the chipmunk decided to take a closer look…

Getting even closer…

Until the little guy plucked up the courage to finally climb on top and use the cat as a fluffy sun bed

An adorable friendship was born!

Source: r/aww


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