Dads Have Been Competing to Stack the Most Cheerios on Their Babies

The best competition ever.
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The greatest competition of all time is here people and it only involves two participants to compete, a dad and their baby. The contest kicked off after a blog called "Life of Dad" shared this photo of a baby sleeping with 5 cheerios on his nose, prompting other internet users to have a go themselves with varying degrees of success.

With the caption "Can you top 5?? Prove it when you do," the photo got a huge response from other Facebook users with hundreds of other dads attempting to stack cheerios on their babies heads. Below are some of the most impressive attempts at this brilliant challenge.

1. A brilliant attempt.

2. 6 Cheerios and not even asleep!

3. The clear winner!

4. 16 and counting...

5. 17 Cheerios and 17 hours later...

6. Not one, but four stacks!

7. 12 Cheerios

8. "Competition you say? i'm going to win with my eyes closed."

dads stacking cheerio competition 8.jpg

9. A solid effort at 10 Cheerios.

10. Another awesome attempt at 9.

11. 16 Cheerios after an hour of patiently stacking.

12. Finally, the dog oversees that the stacking is done correctly.