GPS Trackers Reveal What Your Cat Gets up to When You’re Not Looking

If you’ve got a cat that likes to venture outside but always seems to be in sight then we’ve got news for you, the moment you turn your back or your head hits the pillow they’re off on one big adventure, at least that’s according to recent research that used GPS trackers to reveal the daily movements of the internets most loved animal.

The results left many owners fairly surprised after the majority of them were under the illusion that their cat spent most of it’s time on the end of the bed and if it did venture outside it would be no further than the end of the street or a neighbours garden.

In reality the GPS data showed that some cats would venture as far as three kilometres from home and whilst not all of them were as adventurous they all have their own set routes that extended a lot further than owners expected. The survey and study was carried out by The Central Tablelands LLS at Lithgow, in central-west New South Wales.

Many cat owners are under the illusion that their feline friends choose to sleep around the house all day

But a recent study using GPS trackers has changed all of that

Owners were shocked to learn that their “house” cats were sometimes venturing as far as 3 kilometres from home!

It’s thought that the main motivation for all that travelling is food

At least that’s the case for one of the cats – at 8 kilos over weight he’s clearly found a good source of food!


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