Kid Destroys $15,000 LEGO Sculpture That Took 3 Days to Build in Just Seconds

The best kind of exhibitions are the ones that encourage the visitors to interact with the works on display, but at a recent LEGO Expo in Ningbo, China, one boy may have taken that interaction a little too far when he accidentally pushed over a $15,000 LEGO sculpture made by artist Zhao.

The statue was of a giant fox figurine called Nick Wilde from Zootopia and took Zhao a total of three days and nights to build, meticulously piecing each of the thousands of bricks together to create the life-sized character in LEGO form, but just an hour into the exhibition disaster struck.

The boy had climbed underneath security ropes in order to take a closer look before getting a little too close and knocking the statue over. The parents of the boy offered to compensate Zhao but he refused and accepted that it was simply an accident. 

Artist Zhao spent 3 days and nights piecing together a $15,000 LEGO sculpture of Nick Wilde from Zootopia

When the exhibition opened Zhao proudly showed off his LEGO creation to the crowd

But just an hour into the exhibition this happened

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