Pitzush Is Instagram’s Most Glam Cat and She’s Got the Outfits to Prove It

That’s right, Pitzush wants you to forget every other Insta-famous pet out there because the self-proclaimed “fashionista cat” is taking Instagram by storm with her stunning outfits and according to her owner she’s as much of a diva in real life as she looks in all of her photos.

Found starving and with a mouth full of rotten baby teeth the stray tabby cat was rescued by her current owner 8 years ago and nursed back to health. Pitzush’s Instagram account originally started out as satire to make a point about the fashion bloggers and Instagram famous models who are looked up to and idolised by many young girls purely based on their image – making the point that if a cat can do the same then it really does mean nothing, and that’s exactly what Pitzush is doing.

With more than 17k followers and counting this is one kitty that’s not showing any signs of slowing down as she attempts to take over. As for the eyelashes, don’t worry as they’re Photoshoped on. The outfits however are 100% real so keep rocking them Pitzush, you’re looking fierce!

Meet Pitzush, the kitty that’s slaying Instagram and the fashion world

The stray tabby cat was rescued by her current owner 8 years ago

Found in a bad way as a kitten Pitzush had been struggling to survive by herself on the streets

But after a long and steady recovery she’s now able to do what she was born to do…

Totally own the Instagram modelling world!

And as a self-proclaimed “fashionista cat” she only wears the very best outfits…

Keep it fierce Pitzush!


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