Taiwanese Teacher Makes Learning Fun Again with His Amazing Chalk Illustrations

Sitting in class isn’t always the most fun you can have, especially when you’re faced with the boring task of reading from a textbook, but Taiwanese teacher Chuan-Bin Chung (鍾全斌) has come up with a way to change all of that with his amazing chalk masterpieces, taking photos and diagrams from the textbooks and replicating them on the chalk board with incredible accuracy.

Whilst most teachers struggle to even master the art of writing neatly on a board Chuan-Bin Chung is able to teach illustration, Anatomy of Arts and Painting Skill and has been ding so for the past 3 years at the Department of Visual Communication Design of Shu-Te University in Taiwan. With a visual approach to learning students are encouraged to replicate what Chung draws from the textbooks, helping them to learn the technical side of what they’re drawing whilst also improving their artistic skills. You can see more of Chung’s work on Youtube and Facebook.


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