Tattoo Artist Who Lost Arm Gets Worlds First Prosthetic Tattoo Machine

Incredible talent.
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There are many tattoo artists out there that create truly stunning tattoos, yet none of them are quite as amazing as the work of JC Sheitan Tenet and for one good reason, Tenet doesn't have a hand - he uses a prosthetic hand instead!

Confused as to how he's still able to create stunning tattoo artworks? so were we, but all becomes a lot clearer when you take a look at the specially made prosthetic arm that he uses which was made by French artist JL Gonzal and just so happens to be the first of it's kind. You can watch the video below to see Tenet in action.

prosthetic arm tattoo 1.jpg
prosthetic arm tattoo 2.gif
prosthetic arm tattoo 3.jpg
prosthetic arm tattoo 4.jpg

See him in action here:

Source: Facebook