When This Artists Salt Drawings Are Inverted Something Amazing Is Revealed

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inverted salt creations 8.jpg

Normally a staple at every dinner table artist Dino Tomic has come up with a different approach to using salt - he uses it to create incredibly detailed artworks instead. In order to add shading and varying tones Tomic will change the amount of salt that he applies, but it's not until the artworks are inverted later on in post production that their true form is revealed.

The inverted filter that's added on later transforms the salt artworks into black and white portraits and suddenly the black backdrops that complemented the intricate salt so well become a white canvas - giving the artworks an almost graphite appearance. You can see more of Tomic's artwork here.

inverted salt creations 1.jpg
inverted salt creations 2.jpg
inverted salt creations 3.jpg
inverted salt creations 4.jpg
inverted salt creations 5.jpg
inverted salt creations 6.jpg

Here's Tomic in action: