17 Pictures That Prove Humanity Is Almost Certainly Doomed

These are the end times.
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Although as a species we've come a long way in what in the scheme of things is literally a tiny blip in since time began, there are some signs that we've hit a plateau. We now live in a time were the weather has become ironic, people photograph their food before eating it and it's acceptable to have a wolf vaping inspired tattoo.

1. In 2016 a vape inspired wolf tattoo is ok.

2. People are trying to spawn PokeMon by putting their phones in the microwave.

3. Emojis are breaking entire bank systems.

4. Some people have given up taking normal photos and are now taking photos of photos.

5. Not even DVD stands can be trusted.

6. Things are so bad we have to ask people like this for advice.

7. Cyber thieves are getting so organised they now have outfits.

8. The world's most delicious food comes with a terrible side effect.

signs that humanity is doomed 8.jpg

9. People can no longer just eat food, they have to photograph it first.

10. Even the humble raisin is living in fear.

11. Hipsters have reached their final form.

12. Technology is terrifying.

13. Businesses are trying to kill us with their crap design. 

14. Vending machines are fighting back.

15. The weather is becoming ironic.

16. Romance is very much dead.

17. Finally, this is now considered art.