19 Photos That Will Make You Question Everything

Your whole life is a lie.
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So, you've been around for a while now and you think you've got this whole life thing figured out - wrong!. As it turns out, not everything is as it seems, the impressive towel displays in your local home store are fake and the person who's in charge of naming PokeMon isn't as creative as you think. Here are 19 photos that will make you question everything.

1. This is what poppy seeds look like under a microscope.

2. The towels in your local home store are a lie.

3. The reason it's called 'candy corn'.

4. What Ramen noodles look like on the inside.

5. Scratch the inside of your ear and it sounds like Pac-Man.

6. These two songs are the same.

7. If you turn 'ok' on it's side it looks like a little man.

8. You've been saying 'Nutella' wrong this whole time.

pictures that will leave you amazed 8.png

9. The proper way to toast.

10. This sentence can be said several different ways.

11. This is how cashews grow.

12. This is how pineapples grow.

13. Sometimes ice cream companies used mashed potato to get the perfect shot.

14. You can fit every planet in the distance between earth and the moon.

15. Your entire childhood was a lie.

16. Ekans is snake spelt backwards.

17. The correct way to pour.

18. How to use chopsticks properly.

19. Finally, what this phrase really means.. sort of.