28 Times Supermarkets Failed in the Most Hilarious Way Possible

Supermarkets are constantly trying to find new ways to entice us into buying more by filling their shelves with brightly coloured adverts and labels that tell us when a product is on offer or whether there’s a special promotion in store, but sometimes they get it so wrong it’s hilarious.

Although in some cases the blame can be put on the designers of the adverts themselves often the blame actually falls with the people who placed the adverts on the shelves, often choosing to place them in some of the funniest places imaginable. You have to wonder whether these are totally innocent mistakes or just a funny ploy to grab peoples attention.

1. School certainly isn’t how I remember it.


2. Happy Valentine’s Day!


3. Just incase you didn’t know.

4. There’s a reason it’s 50% off.


5. Amazing service.

6. Probably for the parents.

7. Not such a friendly welcome.


8. It floats on water you say?

9. For those that like surprises.

10. Ken, what are you doing!?

11. You have to wonder what you’re actually getting here.

12. That advert placement though.


13. My dearest condolences…


14. Picnic supplies.

15. A proper selection of ready meals.


16. When life gives you lemons…


17. You won’t be disappointed.


18. They’re now selling them by the litre.

19. A thoughtful gift.

20. Just to clear any confusion up.


21. What kind of party is this!?


22. The bag of ice that’s defying science.

23. You’ll never trust anyone ever again.

24. For universities.

25. Well, they’re certainly seedless.

26. Look closely or you’ll miss it.


27. You only had one job!


28. The cat doesn’t look too pleased about this.


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