From Fluff Ball to Fabulous This Dog Grooming Photo Series Is the Cutest Thing Ever

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When you combine two things that the internet has a deep love for, adorable dogs and great photography, what you're left with is a collection of photos like these taken by animal photographer Grace Chon who's most recent photo series appropriately titled HAIRY might just be the cutest thing ever.

The series focuses on before and after loveable dogs get themselves and fresh makeover with the end result being so different it often doesn't look like the same dog!. Inspired by their impressive transformations Chon set about capturing the before photos which required the dogs to wait a little longer than normal for their haircuts in order to let their hair grow out before they were taken to be groomed in a Japanese grooming style with an emphasis on making the dogs look cute as possible.

Judging by the adorable photos below Chon and the groomers have done an amazing job. You can see more of Chon's work on Instagram and over on her website.

Biggie Smalls Before

Biggie Smalls After

Rocco Before

Rocco After

Herman Before

Herman After

Raider Before

Raider After

Lana Before

Lana After

Athena Before

Athena After

Teddy Before

Teddy After

Yuki Before

Yuki After


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