Meet Graham, a Human Who's Able to Survive Car Crashes

If humans evolved to survive car accidents.
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This is Graham and if you look closely you'll notice that he's a little different from your average human being, because unlike us he's able to survive car crashes. Thanks to his modified body which was designed as part of a new Australian road safety campaign from the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) Graham offers us a look at what humans would look like if they evolved in order to survive car accidents which in 2014 killed more than 32,000 people in the US alone.

With the help of a leading trauma surgeon, sculptor Patricia Piccinini and a road safety engineer with extensive knowledge on traffic accidents Graham has been adapted to specifically survive collisions. He doesn't have a neck because these can be easily snapped, he's got a flat and fleshy face to absorb impacts and perhaps most freaky of them all, multiple nipples on his chest that act as a natural set of airbags that protect his ribs and internal organs.

A sobering image of what we'd have to look like in order to survive a high speed collision it's hoped that Graham will be a powerful reminder of how dangerous speeding can be.

This is Graham and although he looks a little different he's still very much human

graham car crash survivor 1.jpg

That's because he's been adapted in order to withstand a car crash

graham car crash survivor 2.jpg

He was created as part of an Australian road safety campaign

graham car crash survivor 3.jpg

A leading trauma surgeon and road safety engineer helped sculptor Patricia Piccinini design him

graham car crash survivor 4.jpg

On his chest you'll find multiple nipples that act as natural airbags upon impact

graham car crash survivor 5.jpg

His brain is no different to ours, but his skull is a lot thicker with more fluid and ligaments to support it

graham car crash survivor 6.jpg

Graham has a flat face that's surrounded by a lot of fatty tissue that makes it easier to absorb the energy of an impact

graham car crash survivor 7.jpg

His airbag-like nipples protect his ribs

graham car crash survivor 8.jpg

Aside from being surrounded by more fluid his brain is also protected by a thicker and larger skull that even has it's own crumple zones

graham car crash survivor 9.jpg

Graham's knees are also capable of moving in all directions to make injury less likely

graham car crash survivor 10.jpg

Graham's neck is reinforced with a brace-like structure that protects him from injury caused by sudden movement

graham car crash survivor 11.jpg

He's also got thicker skin all around his body to help protect him again cuts and grazing

graham car crash survivor 12.jpg

He's also got hoof-like legs that have added joints allowing him to quickly jump out of harms way

graham car crash survivor 13.jpg

Check out the video to learn more about Graham: