Using Urban Utility Covers to Print on Shirts and Totes Has Epic Results

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You walk over them and pass them by every time you go outside but the chances are that not once have you ever looked at public street fixture and said to yourself "that would look awesome printed on a shirt," yet doing just that actually has some pretty cool results. 

Using public street fixtures the artists over at Berlin-based Raubdruckerin (pirate printer) are printing manhole covers, vents and utility grates onto shirts and totes, the end result of which is an impressive array of geometric patterns that otherwise go unnoticed as they blend into the surrounding environment.

Applying ink directly to the fixtures in locations such as Amsterdam, Lisbon and Paris the team create all of their prints on site. Now, if someone could just do the same but over in Japan that would be awesome!

pirate printing 1.jpg
pirate printing 2.jpg
pirate printing 3.jpg
pirate printing 4.jpg
pirate printing 5.jpg
pirate printing 6.jpg
pirate printing 7.jpg

h/t Colossal