15 Simple Charts That Will Help You Be Healthier

Become a better version of yourself.
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Many of us put to much emphasis on what we have in the pursuit of happiest, sometimes neglecting our health along the way. Even if that's not the case we're all guilty of not getting enough sleep or eating foods that aren't good for us from time to time and whilst it's ok to live a little it's also important to look after yourself.

From poor posture, how to take up jogging if you're a complete novice and how much sleep you should really be getting these 15 simple charts and infographics will help you become a better version of yourself.

1. How much sleep you should aim to get.

2. How to improve your posture.

3. When you want to bake but still be healthy.

4. For when you want to find healthier substitutes for the foods you crave.

5. For those that want to master the basics first.

6. How to run correctly.

7. When you've mastered that, you could give this a go.

8. How to cook various grains.

9. How to start the day properly.

10. The benefits of healthy eating.

11. How to make salads interesting.

12. An easy guide to portion control.

13. Know when certain fruits and vegetables are in season.

14. How to have a healthy grown up relationship with the people in your life.

15. Finally, how to manage everyone's worst enemy.