17 Times Old People Made Facebook the Best Thing Ever

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Amongst the selfies, posts about work, weather and the messy Saturday nights that are "never going to happen again" old people are actually a breath of fresh air on Facebook. Sure, they might not know how to update their statuses, use emojis properly and sometimes be way too real for most of us to handle, but really they're the best thing about Facebook.

1. Taking on Walmart.

2. That time grandma learned how to dab.

3. When this lady printed out a Facebook post.

4. Trying to unlike or like a page by commenting.

5. Everyone loves the sun, except for Ruth.

6. Harry Potter sure has changed. 

7. This innocent emoji mistake.

8. This unapproved page like.

9. This helpful poll.

10. When auntie got a little confused.

11. Dwayne has mastered the art of following instructions.

12. Teaching mum the basics.

13. This pumpkin bread saga.

14. Not afraid to tell it like it is.

15. Robb is easily pleased.

16. You have a lot to be proud of regardless.

17. Finally, this beautiful moment.