19th Century People Photographed with Modern Technology

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Exploring the idea of two completely separate eras coexisting with each other Los Angeles-based photographer Qingjian Meng has created this unusual and rather captivating project titled Gold Rush that features 19th-century portraits of people interacting with modern technologies such as smart watches, tablets, bluetooth headsets and more.

In his own words Meng describes that the intent of the series is to “explore the coexistence of two different eras. By creating 19th century characters posing with 21st century technology, these portraits create a dialogue between generations." Meng's career in photography started out in NYC's fashion industry working for fine art shoots for international publications and exhibits, an influence that's clear to see in this series.

Through these portraits Meng also aims to show that no matter what time or place we have come from the human spirit endeavours to build something new on the foundations left behind from previous generations. You can see more of his work here.

Source: qingjianmeng.com

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