22 Notes Left from Parents That Are Straight up Hilarious

Being a parent can be tough work sometimes which is why parent’s deserve a break every now and then and to even have a little fun once in a while, even if it’s at the children’s expense.

Whether they’ve gone away for the weekend and they’re just leaving some instructions or they’re holding the WIFI password to ransom until you do your chores these notes are brilliant.

1. This parent isn’t playing around.

2. Returning home and seeing this note, only to walk into the living room and find the cat lying there with cash. Brilliant.


3. Holding the WIFI password to ransom.

4. Apparently this proved effective.


5. Dad leaves misspelt notes that are crying out for responses like this.


6. Awkward advice.

7. Dad facts are always real. Fact.


8. You’ve been warned.


9. Mum went away for the weekend, left laundry instructions.

10. Someone’s in trouble.

11. Her daughter said she was too old for notes in her lunch.


12. Just trying to point out what needs to be done.

13. Your help is appreciated but…

14. After dad tried to borrow some toothpaste.


15. Replacing snacks with mums love.

16. A heartwarming note left from mum.


17. Sometimes honesty is the best policy.

18. Learn to take a hint, love from Diesel.


19. Taking passive aggressive to another level.

20. No need to panic!


21. A note left for a little kid in his lunchbox… that got deep real quick.


22. A perfect response to mums fridge note.



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