22 People Who Are Having the Worst Day Ever

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We all have bad days now and then, the only difference is just how often they occur and how bad they are. Judging by the mistakes that these people have made, not only are they having a far worse day than you are, they might just be having the worst day ever.

1. Starting the day like this.

2. Finding out 'someone' has ruined the brownies.

3. At least your trip to the zoo probably didn't go like this.

4. Have you ever had a worse car journey?

5. The toughest obstacle on earth.

6. At least you know where your alarm clock is.

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7. Work can't be this bad.

8. Have you ever had a sandwich this bad?

9. This could have ended terribly.

10. Worst. Morning. Ever.

11. Don't drive and spaghetti.

12. All that work for nothing.

13. At least you've never had a wild corndog.

14. Who would leave such a dangerous item lying around?

15. The irony.

16. Sometimes you just can't win.

17. "Mine."

18. Betrayed by their own body.

19. Mistakes were made.

20. Not the athletic type.

21. At least your lawn doesn't look this bad.

22. Finally, at least you get a cake on your birthday.