27 First-World Anarchists That Don't Play by the Rule Book

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These days you can't even walk down the street or visit the park without coming across signs and notices telling you what you can and can't do, but that doesn't always mean you have to follow them. Whilst the law is the law and breaking more serious rules will land you in trouble with authorities, ignoring signs that tell you not to sunbathe on grass or adverts that tell you to 'smile' and 'cheer up' often makes for some hilarious photo opportunities.

As inspiration for us all these people aren't afraid to do exactly that as they choose to ignore the signs and break the rule book. This is first-world anarchy at its best!

1. 1950's Anarchy

2. Anarchy in Ireland

3. Oh no they didn't.

4. This stapler went on a world tour.

5. A genius at work.

6. He can't be controlled.

7. God save the queen.

8. A dangerous move indeed.

9. Here's a dog that doesn't play by the rule book.

10. No problem!

11. It doesn't get any clearer.

12. How about no.

13. Living life on the edge.

14. Please don't flip.

15. Who would do such a thing!

16. Somebody lock this mad man up and throw away the key!

17. Just try and stop him.

18. Out of control goat.

19. This is pretty damn impressive.

20. Just chilling.

funny first world anarchist 20.jpg

21. Irony off the scales.

22. Grandma gets it.

23. Doing his best.

24. Don't kick balls against the fence.

25. This puppy does his own thing.

26. No China on patio.

27. Finally, Starbucks at its very best.