Bioluminescent Shrimp Create Blue Rivers of Light in Japan

Spotted off the coast of Okyama, Japan, these photos taken by creative duo Trevor Williams and Jonathan Galione of Tdub Photo show the oceanside illuminated by streams of bioluminescent shrimp, a species that’s native to the area.

More commonly known as sea fireflies, although their real name is Vargula Hilgendorfii, the shrimp give off an almost eerie and surreal glow and can most commonly be found floating between high and low tide. On their own they emit little light due to the fact that they’re only 3mm in length but when grouped together the glow that they give off a more powerful glow.

In order to attract so many to the same spot at the same time the two photographers enlisted the help of raw bacon placed in to jars, luring the shrimp in towards the shore so that they could get the shots they wanted. This was the easiest way for the photographers to return the shrimp safely to the water below. You can see more of their own on Instagram and Facebook.

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