Inside Each of These Glass Test Tubes Is a Miniature Floating World

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Inside each of these fragile glass test tubes is an equally as delicate miniature floating world constructed by Dutch artist Rosa de Jong. Complete with micro sized buildings and trees the buildings that are fit for an ant the test tubes appear to take inspiration from the miniature ships you commonly find inside glass bottles all of Jong's creations are made from items that she finds outside.

Sticks, sand and rocks that she acquires on her travels are used to create the tiny structures that appear to toy with gravity as they float inside the glass tubes. The series is titled Micro matter and each tube takes less than a day to complete although when it comes to her creative process and planning she admits her creations are all very much created and thought up on the spot. You can see more of her work here.

mini dwellings 1.jpg
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mini dwellings 3.jpg
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