NYC's Largest Cat Is Pretty Much 28 Lbs of Pure Fluff

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This is Samson, a 28 lbs (13kg) Maine Coon cat that resides in NYC and at 4 feet in length is just as big as your average bobcat and easily the biggest Maine Coon in NYC. The current Guinness World record holder passed away in 2013 and measured an impressive 4.04 feet which means Samson may even be the biggest of his kind in the world!.

According to his owner Jonathan Zurbel, Samson is a tough cat but not afraid to show his more loving side and “fits the term gentle giant very well.” Zurbel says that despite his size Samson isn't overweight but "strong Husky sturdy cat,” something that his breed is known for. “He waits by my (bedroom) door and comes in first thing in the morning to sit on my belly. He is very kind and sweet and a very well behaved cat. He is a dream cat.”

You can follow Samson over on Instagram.

This is Samson, a 28 lbs Maine Coon cat that lives in New York with his owner Jonathan

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At 4 feet in length Samson has been called “the largest cat in NYC”

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But it's possible he might even be the world's biggest, as the current record holder who was 4.04 feet passed away in 2013

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Although Samson is huge his owner reassures everyone that he's perfectly healthy

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Instead of being overweight Jonathan says that Samson is a strong Husky sturdy cat

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And although he's just as big as most bobcats he's a gentle giant at heart

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And probably the closest thing you'll ever get to having a big cat living in your home without the worry of being eaten

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Instead, the only thing his humans have to worry about is being smothered in all of that fluff

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