Someone Finally Invented a Head Hammock That Makes Falling Asleep Whilst Travelling Easy

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Getting to sleep whilst travelling is never easy when you're sat upright. You start to nod off and then your head falls forward and all of a sudden you wake back up again in an instant before the cycle repeats itself, but now it looks as if Paula Blankenship has come up with a solution.

After more sleepless trips than she could handle Paula decided that she needed to find a solution and came up with the NodPod, a simple yet effective head hammock that lets you sleep with your head in the same position it would be in if you were in bed. Primarily designed for long haul flights the cable supporting the hammock from behind has been designed so that it doesn't cover the TV screen behind. Having received more than enough funding over on Kickstarter you can bet it won't be long before you see this genius invention on shop shelves.

head hammock nodpod 1.jpg
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