The Dramatic Difference Between Photographers and Ordinary People

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Even when armed with the most basic of cameras a professional photographer will be able to take a better photo than your average person who's using a DSLR or similar and Reddit user 2manyToys proves this point perfectly with a series of photos taken at the same location by both amateur and professional photographers.

With the right lighting and angle the difference that the professional photographers are able to achieve is incredible. Suddenly a sad looking block of flats surrounded by overgrown bushes becomes a magical backdrop for an intimate portrait photo all thanks to the their artistic eye.

Although the ordinary photographs in this series are quite bad and the professional ones may have been digitally enhanced to create even more of a contrast the difference is still amazing.


professional photography vs amatuer 1.jpg


professional photography vs amatuer 2.jpg


professional photography vs amatuer 3.jpg


professional photography vs amatuer 4.jpg