Vibrant Photos of International Subways Capture Their Unappreciated Beauty

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For the majority of us the subway is just another part of moving around the city or getting to work, it's just a means to an end that's often overlooked whilst we're glued to our smartphones or going about our daily lives. There are some people however who take an interest in these underground world's and to understand why you just have to look at the work of photographer Chris Forsyth.

Finding fascination in the winding and complex networks that lie below Forsyth gives a fresh perspective to spaces that would otherwise go unappreciated. The Metro Project started as a school assignment back in 2014 when Forsyth started photographing the subways and underpasses in his home city of Montreal, Canada, and since then he's taken the series international, exploring the subway systems of cities such as Berlin, Munich, Stockholm, Prague and Hamburg.

You'll notice that all of Forsyth's shots are intentionally lacking any human presence, allowing us the viewer to fully appreciate the almost surreal and futuristic vibe that his photos give off. So far the series has earn't Forsyth a deserved award for 2015 International Photographer of the Year for his work in helping others to appreciate these often neglected spaces. We don't know about you but next time we're in the subway we'll be sure to look up and take a look around. You can follow Forsyth on InstagramFacebook and website.

BlazePress granted permission to use photos by Chris Forsyth.