Artist Covers 100-Year-Old House in Finland with Giant Pink Crochet

Crochet, the art of intertwining and locking loops of yarn or thread together is normally reserved for clothing and other slightly smaller scale uses and yet somehow Polish sculptor and performance artist Agata Oleksiak , also known as Olek, has taken the technique to another level and scale all together.

Although crochet may seem like an old fashion technique Olek is able to use the art form to create contemporary pieces and her latest work is a giant pink crochet that covers a 100-year-old house in Finland.

Often using current affairs and political issues as inspiration this latest piece was created with the help of Syrian and Ukranian women, most of which are refugees, and serves as a bright symbol of hope for the future. Creating something that looks this good on such a huge scale takes a lot of talent. You can see more of the artists work on her Instagram.

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