Cat Helps Guide Lost Man down a Mountain in Switzerland

Although dogs are your more typical rescue animal, this kitty is proof that rescuers can come in all shapes, sizes and even species!

Redditor sc4s2cg claims that he got lost in Switzerland whilst hiking and stumbled across an abandoned town. “I was checking my map to see how I can get back to the hostel, and the only official way down was through a trail that was closed,” he writes on Reddit. It was at this point a cat showed up and appeared to show concern for him, gradually guiding him back down the mountain and to the valley, always looking back to check if he’s still there.

After he shared his story others also responded, claiming to have met the very same cat whilst on their adventures in the area and they had the photos to prove it!. It looks like visitors to the area are in safe hands whilst this kitty is out patrolling the area looking for those in need.

This anonymous kitty helped a lost hiker find his way back down a mountain in Switzerland

The only trail leading back to his hostel was closed for the season

But then the cat showed up and started to lead him back down a different path

Always looking back to make sure the man was still following

Once he was back on track and knew where he was the two of them parted ways

Check out the video to learn more

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