Caterpillar Holding Two Blades of Grass Sparks Hilarious Photoshop Battle

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Although he's not the first to fall victim to Reddit's Photoshop battlers and is unlikely to be the last this caterpillar might be subject to the greatest Photoshop battle ever after he was casually photographed holding on to not one but two blades of grass.

Whilst he might have been minding his own business the little guy in green has ended up all over the internet in a number of hilarious situations thanks to the work of countless Photoshoper's and it would appear there's nothing he can't do. Whether it's winning 'Miss Caterpillar 2016' or starring in a Hollywood blockbuster.

Here's the original

caterpillar holding grass photoshop battle 1.jpg

And then people got Photoshoping!

1. My Neighbour Totoro

2. Blades of steel

3. Makin' That Dough

4. Enjoying some fishing

5. Saving Private Cat(erpillar)

6. Unicorn

7. Family Guy's dancing caterpillar

caterpillar holding grass photoshop battle 8.jpg

8. Ready for battle

9. Set sail!

10. Go Team!

11. Miss Caterpillar

caterpillar photoshop battle 3.jpg

12. Caterpillar

13. Surprise!

14. Jabba's Palace

15. Out of nowhere!