Street Artist Makes Trolleybus ‘Disappear’ for a Few Seconds Each Day

A rare sight in most modern cities today, the city of Vilnius, the capital of Lithuania, continues to use a fleet of trolleybuses as an essential part of its public transport and with the help of the Vilnius Street Art festival curatorial team and the Studio Vieta they’ve just got their coolest makeover to date.

The team invited artist Liudas Parulskis to paint on the side of the trolleybuses and what he’s done is far from the norm in his home city of Vilunius. A city known for its culturally inspired artwork that’s a source of inspiration for many, Parulskis has instead chosen to make this artwork blend into the surrounding urban landscape making the buses ‘disappear’ for a few seconds each day as they pass a certain vantage point in the city.

There aren’t many city that still use Trolleybuses, but the city of Vilnius, Lithuania, still do and their fleet just got an awesome upgrade

Artist Liudas Parulskis painted on the side of the buses to make them ‘vanish’ in to the surrounding landscape. This is where it all started…

The trolleybus was lifted of the ground to allow Parulskis to work his magic

They then wrapped the bus

Until both sides of the bus where now covered in an image of the street where the bus crosses every day

An now for a few second each day when crossing the Gediminas Avenue the trolleybus disappears into the surrounding landscape

Photos via Tautvydas Stukas

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