24 Hilariously Inappropriate Neon Sign Fails

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Neon signs can be one of the most effective ways for a store, garage, hotel or even an amusement park to to let the world know they're there, the only downside being that they all have one common flaw - when they fail they end up spelling some truly hilarious and inappropriate words, proven by these examples.

What once spelt something as innocent as 'Hillsdale' now spells LSD and a drug store that once spelt London Drugs now reads the message 'do drugs'. Whilst neon signs look amazing, when they go wrong it's hilarious...

1. Hillsdale

2. Shell

3. Hotel Cass

funny neon sign fails 3.jpg

4. London Drugs

5. Buttrey Rental

funny neon sign fails 5.jpg

6. Harmons

7. Fuddruckers

8. Morrisons

funny neon sign fails 8.jpg

9. Elmhurst

funny neon sign fails 9.jpg

10. Scrapbooks

funny neon sign fails 10.jpg

11. First American Tile

funny neon sign fails 11.jpg

12. Cocktail Lounge

13. Angus Steak Houses

funny neon sign fails 13.jpg

14. Amusements

15. London Drugs

16. Starbucks Coffee

funny neon sign fails 16.jpg

17. Fast & Easy

18. Milford Plaza

19. Bare Feet Shoes

funny neon sign fails 19.jpg

20. Danals

21. Self Storage

22. Blockbuster Video

23. Petco Supplies & Fish

24. Dynasty Buffet