24 Totally Terrifying Halloween Costume Ideas for Dogs

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If like millions of people around the world you're getting ready for halloween and don't want to leave your four pawed companion out of the fun then fear not, this list of 25 totally terrifying halloween costumes for dogs will leave you feeling inspired, or at the very worst laughing in stitches.

Whilst we're sure that your dog probably doesn't mind becoming a three headed Cerberus or spooky ghost for the day it's always best to make sure your dog is comfortable with dressing up - they shouldn't be forced!

As for those that don't have the pleasure of owning a dog and have somehow ended up here, don't worry! you can have a laugh at how ridiculous (and cute) these doggy Halloween outfits are as well.

1. Skeleton Dog

2. Harry Potter Cerberus

halloween dog costume ideas 2.jpg

3. Little Red Riding Hood and Grandma

4. Seal

5. Frankenstein

halloween dog costume ideas 5.jpg

6. Lion

7. Carrying Gifts

8. Spooky

9. Appa Pug

halloween dog costume ideas 9.gif

10. Butt Head

11. Miniature Cerberus

halloween dog costume ideas 11.jpg

12. Marilyn Pugroe

halloween dog costume ideas 12.jpg

13. Crocodile On The Loose

14. Pirate Dog

15. All Hail Scorpion Dog

16. Disney's UP Dog

17. Ghost Dog

18. Robo Dog

19. AT-AT Dog

20. Spider Dog

21. Dobby The House Dog

22. Plant Dog

23. Taco Dog

24. Star Wars Pug