Badass Hawk Becomes Star of Intense Photoshop Battle

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Whilst visiting Giant's Castle in Kwa Zulu Natal, South Africa, animal enthusiast and photographer Clint Ralph turned his attention to a jackal hawk that seemed to be putting on a show for the camera. Originally there with his son to photograph a Bearded Vulture the photo that Clint took of the hawk quickly made it's way into the hands of the internet, sparking an intense Photoshop battle.

The hawk appeared to be marching towards a flock of ravens that were eating a carcass and to scare them off he gave them an evil stare as a strutted towards them, a moment that Clint managed to capture on camera. As always the internets Photoshop responses are hilarious. You can see more of Clint's photos here.


Photoshop time!

1. Straight Outta Hawkton

2. Armed and ready

3. Cool Hawks don't look at explosions

4. Maverick

5. Not quite like the others...

6. High Noon

7. Stephen Hawking

8. Graceful

9. The Walking Hawk

10. Captain America

11. Millenium Falcon

12. Touchdown

13. Businessman

intense photo of badass hawk photoshop battle 13.jpg

14. Trump Hawk

15. Joining in with everyone else