Man Intentionally Stings Himself with the Second Most Painful Insect in the World

Second only to the most painful sting in the animal kingdom delivered by the bullet ant, the tarantula hawk delivers a sting that’s described by the Schmidt pain index as “blinding, fierce and shockingly electric” and this guy just intentionally stung himself with one.

Neither a tarantula or a hawk the insect is in fact a large desert wasp that uses its powerful sting to paralyse tarantulas before laying an egg inside its body that then grows and eats away at the spider’s organs all whilst it’s still alive until it finally bursts out of the body and the cycle repeats.

We’ve all probably been stung by a bee or wasp at some point but this just takes things to another level. The sting itself only lasts for around 5 minutes but during that time the pain looks almost unbearable.


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