Tiny Kitten Is Rescued from Hurricane Matthew, Gets Given Tube Sock Sweater

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Amongst the devastation caused by Hurricane Matthew there's one story that will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside and it's about how this tiny one-month-old kitten was rescued and ended up with a new family, as well as an adorable tube sock sweater.

The kitten was rescued from the destruction and chaos caused by Hurricane Matthew in Raleigh, North Carolina and was then taken to the local Petsmart's Banfield Pet Hospital. Soaked from the severe weather and visible cold vets placed the kitten inside a tube sock that just so happened to fit her perfectly, even ripping two holes for the kitten's legs. 

The rest of the story was documented by Twitter user Sarahfu (aka @crysomemore) as she just so happened to be at the Pet Smart store that the little kitten had been taken to. She witnessed three children creating a fuss and decided to take a look. As she walked over she saw the kitten and it's tiny sweater, writing that the kids were "Obviously in love". Because the family had never had a cat before the father seemed reluctant, but as soon as mum showed up she gave the nod of approval and the kitten was on it's way to a new home.

It's always lovely to see that even in some of the worst situations and circumstances imaginable a little kitten defied the odds and ended up not just with a new sweater, but a loving family too.

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