World’s Oldest Cat Reaches 31, Doesn’t Look That Happy About It

Although Nutmeg is the world’s oldest cat that still wasn’t enough of a reason to crack a smile as he celebrated his 31st birthday (which makes him 141 in cat years!) with his humans who met him 26 years ago when he showed up in their backyard. Ever since then he’s been ruling the house and has his two owners, Liz and Ian Finlay, wrapped around his paws.

When Nutmeg first showed up in the Finlay’s garden back in 1990 the first thing they did was take him to the local Cats Protection to treat an abscess on his neck, at which point they were informed he was at least 5 years old. This would make Nutmeg the world’s oldest cat, but in order to qualify for the Guinness Records they would have to prove it. Given the circumstances this is pretty tricky but they are working on it.

Sadly last year Nutmeg suffered a serious stroke however defying all odds he’s now made a good recovery and has returned to his normal self. At 31 you have to wonder how many of his 9 lives Nutmeg has left, but we’d like to think he’s still got a long and happy (or grumpy) life ahead of him.

At 31 years old (141 in human years!) Nutmeg is unofficially the world’s oldest cat

He showed up in his owners back garden in 1990 and has been with them ever since

The Finlays took their new friend to the vet to give him the much needed treatment he needed and were told he was at least 5 years old

Which would now make Nutmeg the world’s oldest cat

But in order to prove his age and get Nutmeg into the Guinness World Records the Finlays need to find proof

Whilst there’s no denying that Nutmeg is a senior cat, to his owners he’s simply an adorable pet 

Although last year Nutmeg fell ill after suffering from a serious stroke

Fortunately though he’s since made a slow and steady recovery

Which raises the question of how many lives he still has?


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