23 Hilarious Signs from People Who Know How to Protest

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Protests are an important part of freedom of speech and whilst they can raise awareness of important issues and promote change most of them are pretty intense and serious occasions, which is why these 23 people are a blessing.

There are various ways of getting your point across, from shouting to keeping silent, but one of the most effective ways of getting someone to hear (or read) your message is through humour. Determined to get their point across here are 23 hilarious signs from people who know how to protest.

1. Sign spotted at San Diego LGBT Pride.

2. Sign spotted at a climate change conference in Vancouver, 2015. 

3. Protest sign unavailable.

funny protest signs 24.jpg

4. Spotted at a racial discrimination protest.

funny protest signs 4.jpg

5. Immigrants and jobs.

6. Making a brilliant point.

7. This guy is supporting a serious cause here.

8. Sign spotted at Stewart And Colbert's 'Rally to Restore Sanity'.

9. I hate crowds.

funny protest signs 9.jpg

10. San Francisco protesters' sign.

11. A cause we can all get behind.

12. Jesus had two dads so...

13. Just being honest.

funny protest signs 13.jpg

14. Now you've really messed up.

15. Quite literally.

16. Stating the obvious.

funny protest signs 16.jpg

17. The disappointed protester.

18. This wouldn't happen in Hogwarts.

19. Protesting against Trump being elected as president.

20. Protesting against government cuts to educational spending.

21. LGBT protester preaching the truth.

22. The inconsiderate protester.

23. The most British protest sign ever.

funny protest signs 23.jpg