Photographer Accidentally Captures Photo of Meteor Whilst Photographing Erupting Volcano

One in a million.
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Already a passionate photographer who knows a thing or two about snapping a captivating landscape photo, Tomas vdW recently went on a trip to the far east of Russia to a place called Kamchatka where he was fortunate enough to witness and photograph an erupting volcano.

Although Tomas was joined by other talented photographers on the trip that was led by Daniel Kordan it was Tomas who came away with the best photo thanks to a mixture of skill and luck as a meteor shot past overhead.

It just so happens that at the time the meteor made it's brief appearance Tomas was taking 15-second exposures using his 35mm lens resulting in the stunning images you see below. You can see more of Tomas's work on his 500px page, Instagram and over on Facebook.