Photographer Captures Adorable Photo of Seal Pup Waving to the Camera

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It took photographer Alexey Trofimov three years to finally get his first shots of seals on ice and in the end it all came down to one tiny seal pup and it's willingness to pose for the camera. Normally incredibly shy and cautious animals seals are difficult to photograph but providing they're not too scared they can become curious about what's in front of them, just as this seal pup is curious about Trofimov.

The sad truth however is that the seals have every reason to be scared, particularly of humans, as despite how cute they are to us the way that they're treated by some people is nothing less than horrific. For example, in places such as Canada, Norway and Greenland thousands of baby seals are shot or bludgeoned to death by hunters for sport or for their fur.

It's for this reason that Trofimov's  photographs and efforts to showcase seal pups in such an adorable light are so important and in his words “to show not only the beauty, but also the fragility of the world around us.”

It took Alexey Trofimov more than three years to finally capture a photo of seals on ice

So when he finally got close enough to take a photo of a little seal pup he realised that “It was a very rare and special moment”

Because they're incredibly shy and cautious animals which makes them difficult to photograph

So when this little seal pup took an interest in Trofimov it was much to his surprise. Even giving the camera a little wave!

The seal pup was photographed whilst on a trip to Lake Baikal

According to Trofimov, getting a photo of the pup on ice wasn't easy

But no matter how difficult, his efforts paid off with one of the cutest seal photos ever