The 20 Most Incredible Travel Photos Taken in 2016

Each year we’re gifted with some truly amazing photographs courtesy of annual photography awards around the world and as far as they go, they don’t come anymore prestigious than the annual Siena International Photo Awards

With entries from over 100 countries the winning photographs and the honourable mentions of this years competition are nothing short of amazing, each of them celebrating the diverse cultures, lifestyles, traditions and landscapes that the world has to offer.

This year Leyla Emektar won first place in the travel category for her photo of a strawberry picker walking between two green houses in Turkey whilst first place in the Open Colour category went to Danny Yen Sin Wong for his photo of a Vietnamese woman making a traditional fishing net. Check out the entries below. If you want to see the photos in higher resolution checkout the gallery at the bottom of this post.

1. Phan Rang Fishing Net Making, Vietnam (1st Place In Open Color Category)

Danny Yen Sin Wong

2. Smile (Honorable Mention In People And Portrait Category)

Jianjun Huang

3. Strawberry Greenhouses, Turkey (1st Place In Travel Category)

Leyla Emektar

4. Sprinkle Net (Remarkable Award In Open Color Category)

Fuyang Zhou

5. The Power Of Nature, Sicily (1st Place In Nature Category)

Giuseppe Mario Famiani

6. Mangrove, Cuba (Honorable Mention In Nature Category)

Greg Lecoeur

7. Outlines And Shadows, South Vietnam, (Honorable Mention In Open Color Category)

Danny Yen Sin Wong

8. Floating Market, Malaysia (3rd Place In Travel Category)

Antonius Andre Tjiu

9. Women Reflection, UAE (2nd Place In Architecture Category)

Ali Al Hajri

10. Central Black, Bahrain (3rd Place In Open Color Category)

Isa Ebrahim

11. The Way Back, Iraq (Honorable Mention In Open Color Category)

Mohammed Sattar

12. I’m Nothing (Honorable Mention In Open Monochrome Category)

Gunarto Gunawan

13. Living Place, Tibet (Honorable Mention In Architecture Category)

Qingjun Rong

14. The Storyteller, China (Honorable Mention In Travel Category)

Aimin Wang

15. Ripples In Tea, China (Honorable Mention In Travel Category)

Hong Ding

16. Tuscan Golden Sunrise (Remarkable Award In Open Color Category)

Michele Macinai

17. The Calm Of Art (Remarkable Award In Architecture Category)

Sulaiman Al Hammadi

18. Tree Of Life (Remarkable Award In Open Color Category)

Yongmei Liu

19. Jodhpur Family, Rajasthan (Honorable Mention In Travel Category)

Isa Ebrahim

20. Gaming During Recess (Remarkable Award In Open Monochrome Category)

Yue Zhang

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