This T-Rex Costume Puts All Others to Shame


There’s a Japanese company called On-Art Corporation that wants to build it’s very own dinosaur filled theme park, much like the parks from the Jurassic Park movies.

However instead of spending millions on trying to extract DNA from insects fossilised in amber their plan to bring dinosaurs back to life involves people dressed up in giant costumes which doesn’t sound anywhere near as impressive until you see just how realistic they are.

The company’s CEO recently revealed their plans for a “Dino-A-Park” and the costumes that would make it possible. Made from lightweight carbon fibre they only weigh about 38 Kilograms (84 pounds) and require a single person to operate them. This allows the person inside to be more agile and when paired with their realistic appearance it all adds up to make one of the coolest T-Rex costumes ever.

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