Spectacular Winning Photographs from National Geographic’s Nature Photographer Awards 2016

Not so long ago we shared National Geographic’s top 20 photos of 2016 and now they’ve just announced they’re equally as impressive and prestigious winners of their 2016 Nature Photographer of the Year contest. The winners that you see pictured below are broken down into four categories and the overall winner, Greg Lecoeur, received a 10 day trip to the Galapagos Islands and two 15-minute image portfolio reviews with National Geographic’s photo editors, as well as a $2,500 cash prize.

The four categories were action, landscapes, animal portraits, and environmental issues. You can find out more of the photos over on National Geographic’s website.

1. Second Place Winner, Action: Approach, Wray, Colorado

Tori Shea-Ostberg

2. Honorable Mention, Animal Portraits: Puffin Studio, United Kingdom

Mario Suarez Porras

3. Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: No Snow, No Ice? Barter Islands

Patty Waymire

4. First Place Winner, Landscape: Struggle Of Life, Netherlands

Jacob Kaptein

5. Grand Prize Winner: Sardine Run, South Africa

G. Lecoeur

6. Honorable Mention, Environmental Issues: Wildfire At The Beach, Spain

Sergej Chursyn

7. Third Place Winner, Landscape: Pacific Storm, Pacific Ocean

Santiago Borja

8. Third Place Winner, Action: Changing Fortunes Of The Great Egret, Hungary

Zsolt Kudich

9. Honorable Mention, Animal Portraits: Crow Chasing Puffy Owl


10. Second Place Winner, Landscape: Wild Rink, Italy

Alessandro Gruzza

11. First Place Winner, Environmental Issues: Life And Death, Svalbard And Jan Mayen

Vadim Balakin

12. Third Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Friendship Knows No Colour, Spain


13. Second Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Proud Momma, Florida

Michael O’Neill

14. Third Place Winner, Environmental Issues: Toxic Vanity, United Kingdom

Eleanor Ryder

15. Second Place Winner, Environmental Issues: The View Outside Facebook Hq, California

Chris McCann

16. First Place Winner, Animal Portraits: Dragging You Deep Into The Woods!

varun aditya

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