Student Lets Thief Steal His Phone So He Can Spy on Them to Make This Documentary

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Having your phone stolen is a lot harder than you think, at least that's according to film student Anthony van de Meer's documentary in which he tries and eventually succeeds in getting his phone stolen, along with all of his personal data. The idea for the documentary started back when van der Meer lost his iPhone and had all of his personal data taken and he began to wonder what would happen to it, as well as the phone itself.

With a host of questions he had no way of answering he set out to get his phone stolen again, but this time he was prepared. Installing software on the phone that couldn't be erased or easily spotted van der Meer began to track the location of his phone as well as take photos, videos and sound recordings from the device remotely. What he found has now be turned into the 21 minute documentary you see below which is a scary insight into not only the dangers of keeping your personal data safe in this digital age but also how easy it is to track someone too.