Winners of the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards Show Natures Goofier Side

Although this is only the second year that Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards has been running, it’s already one of the best photography competitions (at least in our books) that there is. Mixing great photography with perfect timing results in hilarious photos that show nature in a new, far funnier light. Of the thousands of photos entered into the competition, below are 10 of the winners and most highly commended entries. You can see 2015’s winners here.

1. ‘Hello!’ by Philip Marazzi – Highly Commended

Philip Marazzi

2. ‘A tough day at the office’ by Angela Bohlke – Overall Winner

Angela Bohlke

3. ‘Warrior of the grassland’ by Anup Deodhar – Highly Commended

Anup Deodhar

4. ‘Curious’ by Mario Fiorucci – Highly Commended

Mario Fiorucci

5. Grizzly bear fail’ by Rob Kroenert – Highly Commended

Rob Kroenert

6. ‘Angel bear’ by Adam Parsons – Highly Commended

Adam Parsons

7. ‘Head Shot’ by Tom Stables – Highly Commended

Tom Stables

8. ‘Damn!’ by Nicholas de Vaulx – Winner of Creatures In The Air Category

Nicholas de Vaulx

9. ‘Say Cheese’ by Thomas Bullivant – Winner of The One Vision Imaging Junior Category

Thomas Bullivant

10. ‘Dream’ by Mario Fiorucci – Winner of the Amazing Internet Portfolio Category

Mario Fiorucci

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