15 Transparent Animals That Almost Don’t Look Real

Although it may sound unlikely, transparent animals in the animal kingdom are actually far more common than you may think and for good reason too – it’s the perfect disguise. Animals that don’t have teeth, toxins or other forms of defence mechanisms are best at hiding themselves from predators and what better camouflage is there than to be completely transparent!?

Here we’ve put together a list of 15 transparent animals that are so alien-like they almost don’t look real.

1. The Greta oto which is more commonly known as the “crystal butterfly.”


2. A Glass Frog, part of the amphibian family Centrolenidae (order Anura).


3. A juvenile Cowfish, scientifically known as Lactoria cornuta.


4. The transparent Immortal Jellyfish is thought to be biologically immortal as it is able to revert back to a state or sexual immaturity.

5. The Hyperolius leucotaenius, a species of frog native to the Democratic Republic of the Congo.


6. The Greta oto, also known as the “glass winged” butterfly and “crystal butterfly”.

Eddy Van

7. Translucent Pharaoh feeding on coloured water droplets.


8. Although they start out transparent throughout their lives the European Eel changes colour several times.


9. Transparent juvenile Surgeonfish.


10. Tortoise Shell beetle.


11. The Macropinna microstoma is famous for having an unusual fluid-filled head.


12. The Salpa Maggiore.

Conaugh Fraser

13. A juvenile octopus spotted off the coast of Tahiti.


14. The deep sea Anglerfish are transparent when juvenile and develop their fang-like teeth later on.

15. Costa Rican Tadpoles have transparent bellies that allow you to see their intestines.



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