17 Times Cars Were Turned into Art Thanks to Frosty Winter Weather

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Winter can be a cold, miserable time of the year that doesn't come without its problems, one of which is that the freezing temperatures make getting going in the morning when travelling by car that little bit more time consuming. It's just as well then that the freezing weather is also pretty beautiful, particularly when it causes cars to ice over.

From antenna and windscreens covered in beautiful frosted feather patterns to entire icy shells left behind from cars that have driven off here are 17 times icy weather turned cars into artwork.

1. Mercedes logo.

2. Mother nature makes the best artwork.

3. Frost wings on a windscreen.

4. Ice sculpture from a car bumper.

5. Spectacular frost pattern.

6. The owners won't be going anywhere for a while.

7. Frozen over window.

8. Ice spikes on an antenna.

9. Ice feathers.

10. An ice sculpture made from a Jeep.

11. Jaguar hood ornament.

12. An iced over spiders web.

13. Frozen spiral on a wheel.

14. Iced over windscreen from inside.

15. Snow roll on a windscreen.

16. Amazing frost feathers on a car bonnet.

17. Ice working its magic.