Adidas Ignores Film Student’s Emotional Commercial Which Is Now Going Viral

Despite this commercial created by 26-year-old student filmmaker Eugen Merher pulling on the heart strings of internet users all around the world, Adidas, the company that the commercial is target at, didn’t have much to say on the matter.

The almost two minute long commercial tells the story on an elderly former German marathon runner and his now lonely existence inside a rather bleak retirement home until one day he comes across his old, incredibly worn Adidas trainers and decides to take them out for a run – to relive his glory days. The retirement home repeatedly tries to hinder his efforts until eventually his friends give him a helping hand which leaves the commercial ending on a high.

The video is of such high quality it would be virtually indistinguishable if Adidas had released the commercial themselves, yet their communications department never responded. “We tried sending it to [Adidas’] communications department but they didn’t really react,” Eugen told The Huffington Post.

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